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Reflex Fitness was given birth in 1990 through the creative forces of Craig Askam and Mike Adolphson. Mike Adolphson began doing sales in the commercial gym equipment field from 1980-1990. It was during that time that Mike started wielding his creative equipment talents as well as his innovative designs. Mike is also a gym owner since 1983. He has been around the sport and has walked with some of the greatest strength athletes to grace this athletic arena.

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It was a combination of Mike’s sales, gym and design experience along with the collision of Craig’s machining and manufacturing expertise that proved to be an incredible combination. Reflex’s handcrafted, functional, biomechanically correct designs tagged with their competitive pricing equals some of the best values in the industry. The Reflex gym equipment line is used in many institutional settings as well as the most heavily equipped gyms. It doesn’t just stop there either. Their equipment is also found in home gyms as well as the facilities of the world’s best personal trainers.

All of Reflex’s equipment is built in house and Reflex takes great pride in making equipment that proudly stands as built in America. Each piece of equipment begins with the planning process and then the application of raw materials. The materials such as raw steel begins to take shape through saws, mills and drills as well as CNC machining, the trademark of precision machining. When welding is required, the use of mig and tig are applied. Once the unit is completed, it gets covered with some of the toughest powder coating commercially available. Reflex wants the finishes to withstand years of use. For the selectorized equipment, the use of six inch diameter deep grooved chrome pulleys along with solid steel machined weight stacks are used. This is one of Reflex’s many signature components. Reflex also offers an unlimited selection of colors for both frame and upholstery so you can match your institution’s colors to that of the equipment at no extra cost to you. Looking for custom built equipment? Reflex can build whatever you want! Its what sets Reflex apart.

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