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G2 Decline Bench

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Staring Price:

$746.50–Gen 2 Olympic Decline Bench PKG-02, w/ Fixed Saddles

$925.00–Gen 2 Olympic Decline Bench PKG-01, w/ Adjustable Saddles

$1,354.00–Gen 2 Olympic Decline Bench PKG-03, w/ Fixed Saddles, Weight Storage & Safties

$1,533.00–Gen 2 Olympic Decline Bench PKG-04, w/ Adj Saddles, Weight Storage & Safties

$1,893.50–Gen 2 Olympic Decline Bench PKG-05, w/ Adj Saddles, Weight Storage, UHMW Plastic, safeties & Band Att (EVERY OPTION AVAILABLE)

+Adjustable safeties  $250.00

+Band attachment $250.00

+Weight storage $357.00

+UHMW plastic Weight storage cover $114.00

Dimensions: 62 x 48 x 47(Basic frame) 92 x 48 x 53(fully extended w/ Weight storage)
Weight: 175 lbs (Basic) 350 lbs (fully optioned)

  • 11ga. Welded Tubular steel construction.
  • Powder Coated finish.
  • Plastic lined weight bar saddles.
  • Stainless Steel Adjustment tubes.
  • 7 position adjustable roller pads.
  • UPGRADEABLE frame allows for future add-on options.
  • Optional Adjustable Saddles w/ 11 positions.
  • Optional Weight storage.
  • Optional 7 position adjustable safeties.
  • Optional weight storage w/ optional UHMW peg covers.
  • 2in high-density foam pad.



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